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We Are Mindkeyz

Whether you're an upcoming or established artist, having access to high quality instrumentals is foundational for the creation of modern music that stands out.
What We Do
Mindkeyz is a music production company that started with 2 friends who each had a love for music and wanted to make a living with it. Through hard work and persistence the group was able to achieve popularity on the internet. We create beats that inspire dancehall & afrobeat artist to make hit songs. In 2018 the duo decided to open up their platfrom for other producers and allow for a greater plethora and diversity of beats. We added Mood to the team in 2019, Manna and Nikola in 2020 and later Joe Dyce, D'Hardest and JoelKxng in 2021.
How We Do It
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Hard Work
Hard work is embedded in Mindkeyz's dna. We have build our platform from scratch facing many challenges and struggles.
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If you wanna make it big in any profession, having persistence will carry you through when the going gets though.
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We fully utilize our creativity, whether making beats, creating artworks, designing websites or building our business.
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Modern Sound
By stayin up to date with the ever changing musical landscape, we stay relevant in the dancehall & afrobeat scene.
Why We Do It
We do what we do simply because we have passion for music and we want to share that passion with the world. We do what we do because we think artist, especially upcoming artist should have access to affordable high quality instrumentals. We also do what we do so that young upcoming talented producers don't have to face the same stuggles we faced in trying to make a living with music. Our platform is open to them as long as they are talented, hard working, creative and passionate about music production.